Blythecon Seattle

Here is a sneak peak at my booth set-up for Blythecon Seattle! I will be selling eye-chips, stands, dresses and a couple of very special OOAK dolls!

Please come a visit me at BOOTH #13!

display gridMy custom “Rain” will be available for adoption at my table. She has been created just for Blythecon Seattle, she’s a soft lovely rainy girl with a stunning pale blue and white ombre alpaca reroot. She will come with her outfit, matching stand and capsule.IMG_4992RIMG_4996R


I will also have my custom Kenner available for adoption. She has been lovingly restored, complete with a new modified Takara body and an alpaca Coolcat scalp! She will come with her outfit, matching stand and capsule.


Starla is up NOW!



Click here to go to here AUCTION!

Starla is an FBL with a beautiful rerooted silver navy blue ombre mohair scalp by Angela of Blythe Laboratory. She wears a dress designed and sewn by me using my own hand printed fabric.
Here are the things I have done with her to make her the OOAK beauty she is:

*Face plate sanded and all new make-up applied, done with airbrushed acrylic and artist pastels, sealed with MSC.
*Carved lips, nostrils and philtrum.
*Re-shaped nose.
*4 new pairs of my unique hand-painted eye chips.
*New silver painted eyelashes were applied.
*Sleep-eyes, gaze corrected and boggled. Her eye mech works perfectly!
*Original rooted scalp by Angela of Blythe Laboratory, silver mohair dyed ombre navy blue.
*Two new pull-strings with unique handmade charms by me.
*Replaced her body with a brand new tilt neck licca body. The licca body is a little loosey in the neck and legs so I will also include her original takara body.

Also included in this auction:

*New OOAK wardrobe including dress made by me with my own hand printed fabric.
*Black patent leather shoes and black socks.
*My OOAK embellished doll stand created just for her.
*One of my signature handcrafted OOAK fleece-lined carrying capsule for her to travel safely and stylishly in.
*Star pillow .