Newest OOAK Custom Blythe Doll “Sally and her Circus Bear”

Here is my newest custom Blythe doll Sally! She is a sweet young girl who has a dream to one day be in the circus…

Her auction details are here!


Sally was inspired by my daughter with the same name. This doll wears a dress and hat made by me from my daughter’s crib linens. She captures my daughter’s spirit through and through as she pulls her Circus Bear wherever she goes.

IMG_9496RR IMG_9560 IMG_9533R IMG_9500R IMG_9488R IMG_9448R IMG_9435R IMG_9424R IMG_9410R IMG_9400R IMG_9358 IMG_9352R

Sally was a factory RBL with the most amazing pink hair! Here are the things I have done with her to make her the OOAK beauty she is:

*Face plate sanded and all new make-up applied, done with airbrushed acrylic and artist pastels, sealed with MSC.

*Carved lips, nostrils and philtrum.

*Re-shaped nose.

*Added two pairs of my unique hand-painted eye chips, and two new pairs of brainworm chips.

*New realistic eyelashes were applied.

*Sleep-eyes, gaze corrected and boggled.

*Two new pull-strings with vintage brass beads and OOAK pull-charms made by me.

*New OOAK wardrobe including circus dress, tulle collar, and hat, white tights and shoes (tights and shoes not made by me).

*New Licca body.

*Also included, my hand-crafted OOAK stand and matching fleece-lined carrying capsule for her to travel safely and stylishly in.

*OOAK Circus Bear companion made with love by me, sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paint.



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